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The Protein Engineering Congress Tue, Nov 12 2019

Most enzymes found in nature are not suitable for industrial purposes. The field of protein and enzyme engineering is growing at a rapid rate, with competition within industries high and the need to optimise performance greater than ever. 

Introducing the European Protein Engineering Congress, dedicated to uncovering the new and emerging practices, techniques and methods of protein and enzyme engineering across industries.

With pharmaceutical, flavour & fragrance, consumer goods, animal feed, and agrochemical sectors all approaching the design, build and generation of new biocatalysts and molecules not found in nature, come and learn from our line-up of leading speakers to get an update on the new technologies used in the field of strain and protein engineering.

“This congress is a must attend. With so many prominent speakers from academia and industry, attendees will without doubt have a unique opportunity to learn about the latest discoveries, technology, trends and industrial applications in the area of biocatalysis, strain, and enzyme engineering” – Uwe Bornscheuer, Professor, Biotechnology and Enzyme Catalysis, University of Greifswald