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Pneumatic Conveying of Bulk Materials Tue, Jun 4 2019

Overview: This intensive 2 day course looks at system components, design techniques, operation and control of blow tank systems, explosion hazards and operational problems, as well as the important but often neglected area of interfacing storage bins with conveying systems.

Subjects covered:

•Techniques for reducing product degradation during conveying

•Ways to reduce maintenance, repair and unplanned stoppages to pneumatic conveying equipment

•Methods of reducing energy consumption

•How to troubleshoot problematic systems

•How to eliminate blockages in pneumatic pipelines

•Explosion Hazards including ATEX Directives

•Operation and control of blow tanks

•System selection and operation

•Interfacing storage bins to conveying systems

•Relevant case studies from industry


Course fee: £825 / £1260 per delegate