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REACH CLP & BPR Conference 2019 Thu, Mar 7 2019

OnlyCoreChem Events is organizing the 1st Conference & Networking Day of the Linkedin Group on EU Chemicals Legislation “REACH, CLP and Biocides Regulations”.

The Group has more than 1500 members from all over the EU and also located Worldwide from the Chemical Industry, Consultancy, Associations, Authorities, CROs and Academia.

The event is also opened to non-members that are highly welcomed to join the Linkedin Group on

Conference will include presentations on the most relevant subjects related with REACH, CLP and BPR with extended Q&A sessions to allow participants to share ideas, experiences and clarify their questions.

The Conference & Networking Day is complemented by pre-event and post-event Workshops on REACH for Downstream Users of Chemicals and Introduction to the Biocidal Products Regulation.

The event will have periods for Networking during Coffee-Breaks and Lunch and will include also an Exhibition.

Learn about the latest developments, upcoming challenges and best practices regarding EU Chemicals Legislation at the REACH CLP & BPR Conference 2019 in Lisbon Portugal.

Secure your place and join more than 70 participants already confirmed coming from all over Europe both from Industry, Consultancy, Associations, CROs and Authorities, taking also the opportunity to liaise with the 8 Exhibitors confirmed so far.