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AgChem and Technology Congress Tue, Nov 20 2018

Due to strict EU regulations and changing public perceptions there has been a huge shift in the demand for ‘green’ agriproducts. At the AgChem and Technology Congress, you will have the opportunity to learn from key agrochemical companies as well as leading academics about how they are working to produce more sustainable crop protection products, including challenges they have overcome with their new formulations, application technologies and strategies

The AgChem & Technology Congress will focus on:

  • The discovery of novel approaches for developing new active ingredients. 
  • How surfactants and adjuvants can impact the performance of the active agri-products. 
  • Developments in precision farming to tackle issues with crop protection delivery.
  • The incorporation of biologicals and overcoming the associated issues with stability.

Key Speakers:

  • William Abrahams, Monsanto
  • Malcolm Faers, Bayer Crop Science
  • Simon Blackmore, Harper Adams University
  • Chris Urch, Redag Crop Protection

With meeting time available during the networking breaks to facilitate new collaborations, this congress will provide you with all that you need to develop innovative products and be at the forefront of the future of crop protection.

Use 'CHEMSEARCH10' for 10% discount. 

Sponsorship is available.