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3rd Annual Corporate University & Corporate Learning Summit Thu, Feb 8 2018

Attendees will continue to have the opportunity to learn about the latest findings, newest technologies, and popular thought in Corporate Universities (CU) and Corporate Learning (CL).
In the 3rd instalment, we will approach the biggest questions that CU’s and CL’s currently face. The digital age continues to explode. Employees maintain a high value and desire for a continued learning environment. As a result, companies have to continue to meld these two needs together. This means finding a way to diversi-fy and meet employee needs in a hyper-digitalised world while meeting company objectives.
In this Summit, we will continue to look at the chang-ing landscape of CU & CL’s. Experts from across the field will come together to discuss best practices, new solutions, and new technologies that are being used in CU and CL strategies. Answering the question, how to stay relevant and meet the needs of the time and of your company? This Summit will continue its tradition as a ‘meeting of the minds.’ It will allow attendees to discuss and address their biggest concerns; their thoughts on progression; and how to ultimately succeed in everyone’s goal - overall company performance.
Join your peers and be a part of the discussion of the future of CU & CL. We look forward to welcoming you in February!