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FIBC recycling solution now available! No longer necessary to pay to send them to landfill!

04/06/2018 at 18:11 PM

by Stan Yedlock

Hello everyone,

Hague Technologies is pleased to announce that in conjunction with our supply chain partners, we are now able to bring a sustainable solution, with cost savings benefits, to the marketplace for emptiers of FIBCs (i.e. supersacks, bulk bags, etc.) in the US. 

  • Currently, the vast majority of FIBCs are being sent to landfill, accompanied with all its associated costs and detriments to the environment. 
  • The current practice has largely been driven by the matrials of construction, woven nature of the plastic materials, the presence of varied materials if the FIBCs are laminated, incorporate liners, etc. 
  • Today, via the development of some advanced, proprietary recycling technologies, it is now possible to overcome these challenges and recycle the materials back into their near prime form for re-use.
  • The only limitations at this time are those FIBCs that were previously filled with Hazardous Materials.

Please contact us so that we may discuss your needs, locations, quantities and sustainability targets so that we may develop a sustainable solution to an industry problem, together.

Thank you!  We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Warmest Regards,

Stan Yedlock

Managing Director at Hague Technologies

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