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18/09/2017 at 08:52 AM

by Dr David Barkel

This may seem a strange question to ask yourself at the start of a recruitment campaign, but it is important and it is this – “do you really need to recruit externally?” Only when you are sure that there is no one with the keys skills and experience you need available within the organisation should you really be thinking about recruiting from outside.

This simple question also helps you to sharpen up what your thoughts are on what you really need, and leads naturally to the first key thing you will need - a very clear job specification. This must include the salary and benefits on offer, and some research to make sure that these are on-market.

Then you have the option of going it alone or hiring a specialist recruitment firm. Sure, it is possible to do recruitment yourself through social media and job boards, but do you really have the time to dedicate to this? Do you have the network of industry contacts available, which can both speed up the process and produce higher quality candidates?

If you decide to use a recruitment firm then you need to be sure that they have the experience, reach and capability. How much do they know about your market; what is there track record; do they have a dedicated and experienced search team; what is the size and quality of there contacts and databases?

You then need sound advice on the process to be used – purely search (headhunting), or purely advertised or a mixture of both. The method used depends on many factors such as seniority of the position, confidentiality and the number of likely candidates available.

Then there is the qualifying and interviewing process. There will be many CV’s to sift through. Even if you have a good looking CV then it is vital that there is a qualifying phone call before you even get to the interview stage. Following this you need to assemble a short list of candidates who could all potentially do the job. Now you need start the selection stage and there are many ways of doing this through one to one interviewing, group interviews and selection centre based with group activities. Psychometrics are playing an increasing role in candidate selection, and can be very useful in combination with other data gleaned at interview.

Once the person is in post then on boarding coaching can dramatically speed up the time for the new person to become fully effective in their new role.

If all of this seems like a lot of work and effort (and it is!) then why not appoint a specialist firm like Chemical Search to take this load off your hands. We have been placing great people for over 17 years and specialise entirely in the chemical sector.

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