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Record Year for Chemical Search International

17/07/2017 at 16:05 PM

by Stephen Mothersole

CHEMICAL SEARCH INTERNATIONAL LTD has been examined and valued alongside the UK’s 396 largest Executive Search & Selection companies in a new market study, according to the 2017 Plimsoll Analysis. Highlights include: 

• We are one of only 149 Executive Search & Selection companies rated as STRONG
• We are the 225th largest in the UK market by revenue and 197th most profitable
• We are also the 109th fastest growing company

But we didn't need third party research to tell us this. Our year ending 31.7.17 looks set top be our record year. 

In the past 12 months we have strengthened our team in the USA and Asia, grown our capabilities in Natural Resources and Biosciences, launched our new website, including our new Executive Club and performed more searches, for more new clients (all successfully) than in any year of our 17 year history.

Thank you to our friends, clients and supporters for making it happen.

Warm regards,

Stephen Mothersole, CEO

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