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  • Asst Vice President
    Reliance Industries
  • Business Development Director
    Econic Technologies
  • Marketing Manager
  • Conference Director
    chemical engineering conferences
  • Technical Director
    Dane Color UK Ltd
  • Director
  • Chemist
    Mediterranean Cosmetics SA
  • Chemical engineer plant manager
    BORVULTEX rubber
  • 3M Company
    Gemalto Inc.
  • Strategy Manager
    Arkema Inc
  • Team Lead
    Scientific federation
  • General Manager - Comercial
    Gold Seal Enginnering Products Pvt. Ltd
  • CEO
    Y2G Associates
  • Marketing Manager
    Merlien Institute
  • Vice President Packaging
  • Head of North America
  • Corporate Communications Specialist
  • Program Manager
    Conference Series LLC Ltd
  • Senior Manager Marketing & Technical
    ELBE International
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